For those with access to SIPR, we have created a SIPR SharePoint site so users can download AT Policy and Guidance documents, tools, and other applicable AT related content.   

When requesting access to our site for the first time, please provide the following information;

  •   Name           
  •   Branch / Company            
  •   Organization / Office Symbol            
  •   Duty Title           
  •   NIPR and SIPR Email Addresses     
  •   Need to Know (NTK) Justification
  •   NTK Sponsor Name and Email Address


*Please note, do not copy and paste the above address into your web browser as it will not work. You must be on SIPRnet for the link to be effective.

For those WITHOUT SIPRnet access or for those who are unsuccessful in reaching our SIPR SharePoint site, please email asking for a Document Request Form and a member of our team will contact you. Please include the NTK verification information requested above when contacting the inbox.